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Singing Lands is a wilderness retreat, ranch and residence. We host vacationing guests, workshops of all varieties, and artist residencies. We do not have commercial livestock on the land, but we harvest the native grasses for feed, wildcraft, grow food and keep 3 horses along with the myriad wild inhabitants.

Surrounding Area

Deadman Falls

Deadman Falls is in a spectacular chasm where the water drops 150 feet. It is just off of the southeastern corner of the property, a nice walk or 5 minutes on the road.

Centre of the Universe

We are only 3 km away from the centre of the Universe. No, we’re not kidding! Read more about this fascinating spot that the Buddhists consider sacred here. This site is also considered sacred by the Skeetchestn First Nation.


  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Hiking
  • Horseback Riding
  • Mines
  • Swimming
  • Rodeo

On the Land


We have wireless satellite internet & internet phone. There is no cell phone reception once you leave Hwy 1.


For adventurous pilots, we have a modest airstrip that will accommodate ultralight aircraft. It’s 300m long, and surfaced with grass. There is also a hangar where you can shelter your aircraft between flights!


We welcome responsible hunters to come and stay with us, but all hunting must take place outside our property boundaries. We have a hanger at the house for one animal.


Singing Lands is a motor free zone! Except for the odd foray with tractor or chainsaw, all motorized activity happens offsite. There is an active ATV club in Kamloops that can provide trail and responsible riding information.

Feel free to BYO horse!

We have guest pasture with delicious grass and a spring. Our horses are happy to say hello to you, but are not available for riding. There are miles of great trails that can be accessed directly from the house.